I attended the Pforzheimer Honors College at Pace University, where I earned a BA (cum laude) in psychology and Certificate in photography in 2007. I went on to earn a MS Ed. in Learning Design & Technology from Purdue in 2013, a field which combines my love of education, technology, and visual arts.

I started learning photography in high school, then continued shooting in analog and digital at Pace University. There, I worked as a teaching assistant and darkroom technician, helping other students master the art of printing and develop their own style. I was the Photo Editor and Senior Photographer for LEGEND Yearbook, where I got my first taste for shooting events and presenting them as cohesive visual stories.

My work has been featured in juried exhibitions, print publications, and elsewhere on the Web. I have also shot covers for college and community theater playbills and other marketing materials.

With the launch of Shawn Mac Photography in 2006-07, I started assisting other photographers and shooting freelance weddings and events in the greater New York City metropolitan area, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Long Island. I also shoot commercial/marketing and portrait assignments, both personal and professional.

Aside from photography, my professional interests are in instructional design, multimedia production, and educational technology. I am also a fire arts performer (specifically poi) and member of NYC's budding flow arts community.